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Use the Journal title link located above the Summon search box on the library homepage.

Type the exact name of the journal, magazine, or newspaper into the box. Word order is important here as the search is performed on the order in which the terms appear in the journal's title.






If the library subscribes to that publication, you'll see the database that has it, or in the case of a print publication, where it is physically located.

In this example, older print issues of BioCycle are available at Langley campus. Online content is available through several databases.

Screenshot. Use the journal title search link on the library's homepage to see if the library subscribes to a journal, magazine, or newspaper.









Dates matter!  In the above example, if you need an article from a 2021 issue of BioCycle, you will need to use one of the latter 3 databases. 

The video below will provide more details on how to use Journal title search.


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