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In the 7th edition of APA, how many you need to cite depends on whether you are doing in-text references or creating an entry for your reference list. It also depends on how many authors there are.

Here are the rules:

For in-text citations:

  • for sources with one or two authors, name them both
  •  more than 2 authors, you only need to cite the last name of the first author, and follow this with the phrase "et al., "and the year of publication.

Full details are on the in-text tab of the library's APA citation guide.


For the reference list:

  • for sources with up to 20 authors, you must include them all. Be careful to keep the same order as they appear in publication (ie., how they are named in the article or on the title page of a book)
  • more than 20 authors, follow the rules on this page of the APA Style Site.

Full details are on the reference list tab of the guide.


Consult the library's MLA Citation guide and the Chicago Citation guide for how to handle multiple authors in those styles.

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