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A call number is a unique code given to each item in the library. The call number will help you find the actual book on the shelves. Call numbers also allow the librarians to shelve items on the same topic close to each other so when you've found your item, check around it for more potential resources.

KPU uses the Library of Congress Classification system, where letters and numbers represent different subject, author and publishing information about the item. A typical call number might look like this: H 62 G256 2013. The call number is printed on a sticker usually found on the spine of the book/item, so physical items in the library can be easily shelved in alphabetical/numerical order, according subject.

Be sure to take a photo or copy down the entire call number string for reference before you go to the shelves to find the item you want.

breaks down the different lines of a call number explaining how to read them in alphabetical and numerical order

















Confused? Don't worry! Any library staff member is happy to help you find what you need. Just ask!

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